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Scotland referendum: Live Report


Congress backs Obama on aid to Syrian rebels

WASHINGTON (AP) — Legislation requested by President Barack Obama authorizing the military to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State militants in the Middle East is headed for his signature after a sweeping Senate vote.

Scottish nationalists in tears after 'devastating' result

Edinburgh (AFP) - Supporters of Scottish independence reacted with bitter disappointment on Friday after their hopes of breaking away from Britain were dashed, with some breaking down in tears in the streets of Edinburgh.

Ryan delighted that Falcons off to 2-1 start

ATLANTA (AP) — Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons have played well twice at home and looked terrible in one road game.

Royal and Ancient Golf Club to allow women members

London (AFP) - The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews on Thursday voted to allow women members for the first time in its 260-year history.

Scots say no to independence, UK remains intact
LONDON/EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Scottish voters have rejected independence from the rest of the United Kingdom in a vote that had threatened to break up the world's sixth-biggest economy. Below are comments from politicians, business leaders and analysts to the result of the referendum. UK PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON "Now the debate has been settled for a generation - or as Alex Salmond has said, perhaps for a lifetime. So there can be no disputes, no re-runs - we have heard the settled will of the Scottish people. "Now it is time for our United Kingdom to come together and move forward. ...
Airlines halt flights to Yemen amid fighting
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen's civil aviation authority says foreign airlines have halted flights into the main international airport in the capital because of heavy fighting in Sanaa between Shiite rebels and Sunni militias.
Militants threaten ancient sites in Iraq, Syria

BAGHDAD (AP) — For more than 5,000 years, numerous civilizations have left their mark on upper Mesopotamia — from Assyrians and Akkadians to Babylonians and Romans. Their ancient, buried cities, palaces and temples packed with monumental art are scattered across what is now northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

Pound strikes two-year euro high amid Scotland vote

London (AFP) - The British pound hit a two-year euro peak on Friday, but trimmed gains as official results showed that Scotland has rejected independence, in line with early indications.

UK markets bounce after Scotland rejects independence
By Jamie McGeever LONDON (Reuters) - Investors in British financial assets breathed a sigh of relief on Friday, after a Scottish vote against independence spared them prolonged and unprecedented uncertainty. Stocks were called to open up by more than 1 percent, sterling rose to a two-year high against the euro, and currency market volatility - which had reached historically high levels ahead of Thursday's vote - quickly subsided. Shares in companies based in Scotland, such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds , were expected to rise as much as 3 percent. ...

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